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We are a digital partner that specializes in implementing lightweight technologies and practices. We empower you to compete in the rapidly changing global marketplace.

A faster web platform?

We can help you on that

We specialize in implementing lightweight alternatives to enterprise solutions that can perform on the highest level. Giving you security, GDPR, integration, migration, performance, scalability and the option for DevOps.





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The misconceptions of "enterprise" technology

Heavyweight ("enterprise") technologies are often seen as the safest option to invest in. However, most of the reason for choosing them are not actual any longer.

Heavyweight technologies call for heavyweight processes

Heavyweight processes are supposed to help you scale up and improve efficiency – but in reality you and your team end up using the day asking for permission or trying to make the processes work

"Enterprise" solutions are (not) more scalable

Lighweight solutions come often as SaaS and are simple to deploy and scale on-demand

The more features, (not) the better

One-stop-shop systems that claim to have all your needs covered create overhead and prevent you from reaching your market faster

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