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/ We work as your experienced development partner, technology consultants and day-to-day support

Our services
are always

Secure IconSecure

We build secure and GDPR compliant solutions. This concerns both solutions built by us and any integrations with third party data and application providers.

Scalable IconScalable

Everything we deliver is scalable and built for future needs. Deploying in the Cloud allows us to build and operate performant and scalable solutions that are available 24/7. We can help you plan and set up a scalable hosting solution for practically any need.

Lightweight IconLightweight

With lightweight, we mean simplicity. We build complex solutions, often as SaaS, while reducing complexity. We believe in implementing lightweight alternatives to enterprise solutions that can perform on the highest level.

/ From web apps to websites to global commerce solutions with API development and ERP-integrations to 24/7 hosting and support

We deliver

Webshops, websites and campaign sites with all the required APIs and integrations needed.


Web platforms




Technical consultancy

In technologies like

Wordpress / Contentful / Ruby on Rails / WooCommerce / Shopify / Laravel / VueJS / React

Spry office

/ We’re a Copenhagen-based team with a global outlook, based on experienced programmers and technologists at its core